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Photo courtesy of Caedy Convis Photography

Photo courtesy of Caedy Convis Photography

So, you want to have photo-journalistic (candid) images, but also want them to be unique and artistic?  I believe my background in photojournalism and fine art will bring something different to your photographs. I take the art of wedding and portrait photography to the next level by capturing true in-the-moment emotions, documenting the artistic beauty around you, and providing a lasting view for the small moments that are so significant. 

It is important to me that you enjoy your big day, without feeling that photography took it over. I promise, you will enjoy it. That is another plus to choosing a photographer with a documentary style.

Another factor that I excel at is taking stress away from YOU. With wedding planning, your to-do list probably seems daunting and overwhelming. Photography is a huge part of the planning process. From the initial consult, I'll give some tips. Most clients say "I never thought of that!"...  I will help you with your timeline and make this process easier for YOU. 

The photographer is with you all day. Make sure your personalities jive and that it will be a fun experience! It is my job to make you feel at ease and concentrate on what's important ("the bigger picture"- your love for each other and your story). I have even held up the gown while one of my brides peed. Yep. You will feel that comfortable with me. I definitely bond with my clients. Ha!

Photo Courtesy of Caedy Convis Photography

Photo Courtesy of Caedy Convis Photography

How did I get into wedding photography? Over a decade ago, friends asked me to photograph their wedding. I said that I wasn't a wedding photographer. At the time, I was working as a photojournalist and an artist. They asked me to shoot their wedding like I would cover one of my stories. They were interested in a documentary style, but loved the fine art aspect and my compositions. Around that time, I was the Maid of Honor for my sister, helping with her to-do list, and other friends were getting married. So, so many horror stories! I remember repeatedly responding, "You're kidding me?! This is what's out there?" I knew that I could rock this industry, improve, and revolutionize it, but also make life easier for brides and grooms in the process. So, I did it and I fell in love with documenting love! The stories, the emotion, the families, just love, love, love... It is a beautiful thing. Love is IT in this world. It is the only reason. The only WHY in our lives. I am very grateful that I get to document it. I also love capturing more adventures as the couple moves into having a family of their own. It is the best feeling-- to follow my "clients" throughout the years! My "Day in the Life" sessions are essential to documenting the REAL beauty of family. I like to call it "the beauty in the chaos". These are the things you will miss. "Kids grow like weeds."

I have a Bachelor of Fine Art/Photography from Eastern Michigan University. My documentary approach comes from not only my education, but also from working as a photojournalist for years. My work has been published in several newspapers and magazines and my fine art pieces have sold in exhibitions throughout the country.    

I am based in Michigan, working in the greater Grand Rapids area and the Detroit area.  I am also willing to travel for destination weddings. Weddings in Maui, HI are discounted!

Over 50 clients have reviewed my services. Here is a snip-it: 

""Next to my husband, she was the best thing about my day. I contacted her before I picked my date for a reason." "Lisa excels at photojournalism (candid), having  a unique and artistic style to document YOUR story. Her background in fine art and photojournalism will bring something different to your photographs. Also, she is wonderful to have by your side! You will enjoy your day!!" "Fun and laid-back", "Detailed and organized", "over-delivers!", "like having another friend with you on your day", "didn't even notice she was still there", "creative and unique", "makes you see how beautiful the world is through her photographs", "professional and responds quickly", "genuine and warm", "worked well with my crazy family", "Documentary-style let us enjoy the day"... 

You can see full reviews here:

The Bigger Picture Photography delivers quality images with professionalism, timeliness, and a warm personality!Please set up your free consultation today.
Happy Planning,
The Bigger Picture Photography

PHILANTHROPIC CONTRIBUTIONS - In seeing more of "The Bigger Picture" and "Growing the Good"----------

Grand Rapids Opportunities for Women (GROW)- I am a graduate and I have heartstrings for other entrepreneurs and local small businesses!! I utilize these sources as much as I can in my business and personal life. It has been a great source of bringing our community together. I also love empowering other women to go for their dreams. http://www.growbusiness.org/

-- KIWANIS- a global organization of volunteers dedicated to improving the world, one child and one community at a time. I was a board member in 2016, volunteered at many events (my favorite was building a greenhouse for Sunnycrest Youth Ranch),  and also headed and promoted a Murder Mystery Party with profits going to KIWANIS. 

-- Silent Auction donator, photo sessions and products- Cystic Fibrosis and Women At Risk International (WAR) https://warinternational.org/

-- WAR- I housed a woman at risk for one month just with my Christmas gifts alone! https://warinternational.org/

-- Annual Donations- Autism Alliance, Alzheimer's Foundation of America, Sunnycrest Youth Ranch, Helen DeVos Children's Hospital, Bish and Bash, Pewabic Pottery in Detroit, Christmas gifts for the poor every year

-- Annual Photo session for a low-income family, free of charge. If you would like to refer or surprise a deserving family, please contact me and give me a little info on why you think they are amazing. If they "grow the good", I am with you and I want to hear about them.

-- West Michigan Center for Arts and Technology (WMCAT)- I volunteered and taught underprivileged teens photography, retouching, and design. http://www.wmcat.org/

-- Gallery Project, Ann Arbor- I volunteered in the gallery, helping with exhibitions and administration.

-- Guest teacher for certain grade schools- art, photography, and dance

-- Maho Bay- This is a work exchange program in St. John. I worked in the ceramics department teaching kiddos.

-- I love helping aspiring photographers! We all know how important it is to have positive and empowering teachers/mentors. I do. We also know what it feels like to have the opposite. I do. I offer  the chance for inspiring photographers to follow me on a shoot. I'll give guidance, the ability to assist, some business background, and they ask me anything.  

Fun Facts About Lisa-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

-- Coffee. More please.
-- I love all kinds of wine and have an education and background working with vino. Craft beer too.
-- I collect books like most women collect shoes. 
-- I am a creative soul with a variety of interests in addition to photography-- drawing, painting, writing, ceramics, mixed media... I want to learn encaustic next!-
-- My influences in fine art photography: Uta Barth, Mary Ellen Mark, Robert Frank, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Sally Mann, the Impressionist painters, among many others...
-- Sports and activities! Volleyball, softball, Zumba, dance, hiking, walking by any water source or the woods...
-- I lived in Maui for three years
-- I play air guitar and sing, while driving, really well.
-- I enjoy puns of all kinds. With shoulder-shakes.
-- I laugh at myself often. I am drawn to people who have this capability.
-- Pet peeve- people sucking their teeth and making that God-awful sound in public. Egh.
-- I was a part of a Creative and Performing Arts program in high school, where half of my day was all creative. Theatre, directing, writing, art history, dance..
-- I have friends all over the world because of my traveling. I love them all and keep them close to my heart. I have definitely been blessed with my circle.
-- My family is amazing and we are very close. I do not know what I would do without these goofs. My nephews and niece are the cutest and most lovable little buggers ever. I want to squeeze them right now. 



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