Boudoir Photography Sessions

Ooh la la! This sassy lady is a model, Zumba instructor, extremely talented dancer, nail artist, and boss lady by day. She is one of the greatest women empowering women that I am privileged to know. Bri is a big ball of sunshine. Just positive vibes radiating all the time.  For real. All. The. Time. 

As one of my Zumba instructors, she energizes, encourages, and motivates us. Her empowering attitude on having a positive and healthy body image of yourself, no matter what your size, is truth, and of warrior status. She brings out the sassy and sexy among a wide variety of ladies.  When they FEEL sassy and sexy about themselves, when they feel CONFIDENCE and STRENGTH, and when she continues to elevate the way women see themselves, that is a powerful purpose. That is a meaningful life. We all see beauty in every shape and size. That is how it should be.

I know that boudoir sessions have that same effect, from so many of my clients. That is so meaningful to me. It's why I love shooting boudoir. 

I always get "I need to lose weight before I do a boudoir session." Cringe. You don't need to lose weight. You need to lose that attitude. 

I shot a boudoir session for a lady that had recently had a baby, and was having a hard time with her own body image. I'm so glad she had the courage to book it, even though she was emotional and unhappy. After the shoot she had a renewed sense of self and saw her true beauty again. She was emotional for the opposite reasons and so grateful. I was told it helped her marriage for sure, just in changing her own thinking. 

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********Bri gave me extended permission to use these on my website, so fear not if you aren't that brave! You may check out a private sample gallery full of other amazing women if you contact me.

********Boudoir sessions take place at your home. You will feel more comfortable, more at ease. Also, it's your furniture and belongings in the background! It makes it super sexy for your sweetie, more intimate and personal. Years from now, you may remember your hot selves in "the old house". Memories. Good times. 

**********You choose what you want to wear. Whatever makes you feel like your sassy self, confident, and comfortable. 

*********Ask me about Gal Pal Day! You get a free session! Your girlfriends, one location, each gal gets her turn getting photographed, but you will all be drinking and doing make-up together... It's a good time. They make amazing gifts for your lovahs! 

*********A few REVIEWS from past Boudoir Bettys.....

"This was so empowering for me. I still had baby weight after all these years.After that session, though--- I rock! Amazing."                -- Dani F

"I recently had Lisa do some boudoir photos for me to give to my husband as a 5 year anniversary gift. I cannot say enough about how incredible this experience was and how amazing the photos came out! Lisa made me feel comfortable in a somewhat awkward situation. I was relaxed and at home with her. She came right to my house to do the photos, which is a huge plus because some photographers do boudoir sessions in a studio. The other plus side to having her come to my house was that the photos are more intimate and reflective of the person I am. She incorporated parts of my home in the photos that I wouldn't have thought to include. I was so happy with the way they came out. The photos are sexy, yet have an artistic element to them because of Lisa's expertise. I cannot recommend her enough. She captured how I read in bed at night and how I would wake up in the morning, even next to my alarm clock. Those "natural me" photos are some that my husband really loves. She also gave me my photos back in a very timely manner. I have worked with other photographers in the past who took much longer to give me my photos and they were of lesser quality than the ones Lisa did for me. She is a true artist and very professional. Her artistry is on another level-she is so talented!"                 -- Amy K

"I am a plus-sized woman. I had strong reservations about this, but when I talked to Lisa on the phone, she made a lot of points to change my distorted thinking. Wow! I'm so glad I did this. It was truly groundbreaking for me. I feel changed. It is different to have your photos taken by a true professional. Her angles really helped things. I see how beautiful I am if only I can tell my mind to shut up! Ha! I feel stronger. I even walk differently now. Seriously. I needed the confidence. Thank you, Lisa!"           -- Karen G

"I had an amazing experience doing boudoir photos with Lisa. Not too long before my session with her I was having a lot of self-esteem issues (probably due to wedding jitters) and I really wanted to do something that made me feel good about myself. I had no idea what to expect, more so out of myself vs. out of Lisa, because I have no idea how to be sexy. Lisa made me feel really comfortable and she was able to put me in great poses that made me look my best. I had so much fun during the shoot and it took no time for me to have fun and to feel loosened up and comfortable. My husband loved the pictures as his wedding gift. And it was definitely a gift he never expected me to give him ;). The outcome of a boudoir session is totally worth the anxiety!"                     -- Alex B

"I recently got out of an abusive relationship. There is a lot, psychologically, to deal with. Meeting Lisa was a God-send. She talked me through it and probably did more therapist work than a photographer needs to do, or should have to do. She stopped at one point, put her camera down, and just talked with me. She stayed a lot longer than what I paid her for because of that. She gave me things to think about to get my mindset in the right place and that was really helpful.  I needed this so badly for myself. I want to move forward. I want to eventually even feel comfortable with someone else. But for right now, this was just for me. I am a fighter. And she showed that in these images. She put a mirror in front of myself, with an image that I could not see for the longest time. I am starting to do the work. I feel beautiful. I feel like myself again. I will try to hold onto that and these images are a reminder for me when I have a hard time, or when memories come seeping into my brain unwanted. Words cannot express my gratitude...              -- name withheld

It doesn't even have to be boudoir. Most people ask for this, but whatever makes you feel strong and confident, I'd love to document that. There is this woman I play volleyball with who has to be nine months pregnant. She was up in the air last week, huge belly and all, spiking the ball like nobody's business. Wow! That's an ad for Nike right there. That's amazing. 

REMEMBER! Yes, these are amazing gifts for your sweetie, but it will be SUPER EMPOWERING FOR YOU!!! 

OK, let's look at Bri, The Peaceful Warrior: