Senior -Lauren

Grand Rapids, MI

Congratulations Lauren!! Check this senior out!! Wowza. So full of smiles, laughter, life, and light. We hung out at a quaint spot in GR, in the midst of bookstores, coffee shops, and boutiques. Lauren loves her golf girls, and is still figuring out the adventures to come her way. 

The best thing-- I remember babysitting for her older sister when she was a wee little babe. My best friend and I ran around chasing after her. It was truly amazing to see Lauren all grown up and glowing. I love this family and I am honored to be able to capture this one adventure.

Thank you, enjoy your preview...

Violin Senior Session, Caledonia, MI

Congratulations, Bryan! What a cool fella this one is. I loved that he wanted to incorporate his passion into this session. So much of who we are at any given time lies in our hobbies, interests, and passions. To document them, gives insight into who we are, and the happiness within us. They make fabulous memories to look back on. 
Good luck next year! Keep playing.
Enjoy the preview!

Senior Portrait Session- Sarah

Grand Rapids, MI

Yeah, Sarah!!! This lady was so, so cool. I mean, the most laid back cool you would ever want to know... She is going to do amazing things. I know it. 

We trucked around Millenium Park at golden sunset hour. I just couldn't get enough of her smiles.

Did you see her sister's senior session? What a cool family. You can check out Megan's session here:

Thank you so much for letting me capture this moment in your life! Enjoy the preview...