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Photography For Entrepreneurs and business owners

Authentic Images To Grow Your Brand

Your viewers want to connect to a human. Get more inquiries with documentary storytelling. Grow your business just by being you.

—- Social media posting is daunting. Who has the time? Wouldn’t life be easier if you had a collection of professional images to pull from everyday? You could even enjoy your time when you are out with family and friends without worrying about Instagram and Facebook. Oh. My. Goodness.

—- Your brand needs to gain trust instantly. Low-quality selfies do not gain this trust, and it’s a pain to do continuously, day in and day out. Stock images are well, just that. Most viewers say that when they see a stock image, they ignore it because it’s obviously an ad. It does not capture and engage your audience.

—- Website images showing your products and services, and a typical head shot, just doesn’t cut it in today’s marketing world. People need to connect to YOU. What is your story? What is your Why? What do you value? Are you real? What’s your life like, that they could connect with? This will get them ENGAGED.

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"Personal branding is the art of becoming knowable, likable and trustable."

— John Jantschof

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Capture the spirit and the heart of your brand.
We use photos for everything we do nowadays.

Connect with your viewers through professional, fresh, and authentic images.


"Brand the real you. Be brutally, authentically, honestly you and you will win with the people that matter."

— Tom Ferry

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“A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.”
– Seth Godin


“If people like you they will listen to you, but if they trust you, they'll do business with you.”

-Zig Ziglar

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Meeting Vanessa, Owner and Designer of Visions Alive Designs, was a beautiful beautiful thing. My friend recommended her for some home improvement help that I needed. So, Vanessa came over and I instantly connected with her warm and bright personality. Later, we got to talking and she told me that she was a single mom (which to me, meant that she’s obviously a hard worker and she will care about me more than that big box store who wanted to charge me an arm and leg to do something simple). Then she went on to say that she’s also a Christian (amazing to me, because it means that I don’t have to be home when she’s working at my house and she’s not going to steal my stuff! I think we’ve all heard the horror stories. I know I have.) I also loved the idea of hiring a woman, as a single gal myself, because safety is key.
I looked at her website and social media presence and didn’t see HER at all. Her work was beautiful, sure, but I had no idea who I would be working WITH…

So, I told her she’s missing some key marketing for her business- HERSELF!

— woman entrepreneur
— single mom
— Christian
— musical
— glowing personality

I bet if people could see this from their first impression, and through consistent social media presence, she’d get more inquiries.

If you are a mom, show it.
Moms will connect with you.
If you are a creative, show it.
They will engage with you.
If you are spiritual, adventurous, love animals… whatever makes you YOU— show it.
You will capture their attention, gain trust, and get more inquiries.


I actually use this as a hashtag constantly. If I had a penny… ALL of my clients have said this. I think this is where my background in documentary photography really shines. I got you. I know how to create authentic stories and capture the true moments. No worries.

I have over 74 five star reviews from past clients (I’d be happy to send you the links!). ALL OF THEM have said this line in the beginning.

personal branding photographer

I help entrepreneurs grow their businesses. We wear so many hats. So, so many.

I get it.
Time is valuable.

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The marketing world has changed. Websites, social media, blogging, podcasts, newsletters, etc… Let me make this easier for you. Have a library of pro images to pull from daily.
Get your time back and still grow though social media.

I recently used Lisa Shaw at The Bigger Picture Photography for Personal Branding photos. I teach fitness classes with my business partner 8-10 times a week year round. We use social media and fitness websites exclusively to advertise our classes. These photos have been an absolute Godsend. I cannot be more clear about how often I need a photo to use on Instagram or Facebook to let our followers know about an upcoming class or event. We don’t always have the time in between classes to snap a cute photo (especially one when we’re not already sweaty!) to use on our social media pages. We have also used them for event pages and for head shots on handouts/flyers at Health and Fitness fairs. The best part is that the photos are professional looking and readily available any time we need them. Lisa was an absolute pleasure to work with. She was open to our ideas yet she brought her creativity and artistry to the session as well. She was also very timely, and didn’t spend hours doing the session. She was quick and efficient. She was extremely friendly and warm which made us very comfortable right from the start. Lisa gave us our photos in a timely manner as well. I have used other photographers in the past for different things and have had to wait months for them to get the photos back. This was not the case with Lisa. I cannot recommend her enough!
— Amy

The quickest way to get a point across on social media is through a picture. That’s what the audience sees first versus writing, and is the first step to drawing them in. A personal brand photo expresses pride in your work and professionalism. As a Zumba instructor we definitely want to show people we are having fun and Lisa does a great job at catching that moment. When we make a post of our Zumba schedule each week we include one of her photos and the audience gets the idea of the post immediately. Our sessions with Lisa have been fun, real, and informative.
— Brianna
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quarterly sessions.

— My research time in really understanding your brand and vision
— Consultation to discuss your brand and story to create a customized photo shoot
— One photo session includes 60 authentic images for website, social media, or anything you need to promote your business. This is 3 MONTHS of social media posting! The next packages include 90 images, and unlimited images!
—High resolution images for print use, AND low resolution images for online use
COMMERCIAL USE OF IMAGES!! This is a huge deal for commercial use. Need to learn about commercial license and why it’s important? Click here.
— You have your choice of same day image selection, or I can choose the best ones for you to save you time.
— Basic retouching and editing included
— Get a few images right away-within the next two days. Get the full gallery within the week!
— No photo credit necessary, unless you want to
— You can modify these images however you’d like. Add text right on the image for upcoming promos and such!
— You will be MAKING MONEY off of these images.
— More time FOR YOU!


I’m taking 12 clients that want recurring sessions for ongoing content.

One session is perfectly fine as well, as my time allows. Yes, I also shoot product photography, food photography, and business events.

I’m based in Michigan. Yes, I will travel! I will even meet you on your vacation for cool images!

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I am also a multi-passionate creative, including: writing, ceramics, drawing, and painting. I am a bookworm. My family is super close and I love my nephews and niece so much that we still snuggle for weekends at a time. I just did the slip-in-slide with the kiddos for the first time since the 80’s. I get my body moving with Zumba, yoga, hiking, volleyball, and softball. Love to travel!!


I have been the owner of The Bigger Picture Photography for over a decade. I received a Bachelor of Fine Art, Photography, from Eastern Michigan University. My documentary approach comes from not only my education, but also working as a photojournalist for years. My work has been published in several newspapers, magazines, and online sites, and my fine art pieces have sold in exhibitions throughout the country.

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