Hey, not all workplaces can be Google, but you can liven up your workplace with little things. Headshots are necessary for many different tools these days. By keeping things fun, you can revive your team and connect with clients on a higher level! Making them laugh will keep them connected and increase sales. Promise. Everyone gets inundated with boring emails all the live long day. Stand out and shake things up. You'll get some shoulder-shakes too! Get those hard-to-reach partners and prospects laughing. Linkedin? Hell yeah. It's way too stuffy out there. 

My brother-in-law asked me to do headshots for his company's email system. He leads a team of employees, and they have their own internal communication system. Instead of sending the default photo with every email, I thought it would be awesome to customize and personalize whatever subject or concern is being discussed within his team. This would wake me up... and it would make me laugh... which would make me want to work with this guy...

This is a sneak peak of his gallery "Heed Now!" (in reference to "So I Married an Axe Murderer" with Mike Meyers- not because my best bud has a big head, but just because they're headshots, get it? Funny enough, my bro-in-law also looks like Mike Meyers. He acts like him too). His silliness, while I was taking these shots, prompted this idea...
The "professional" ones are at the end. I had to give him those too. You know. 

Please see the captions beneath the photos. Got a funny caption? Leave it in the comments!!

Mommy Daughter Session

Montpelier, Vermont
Casual Session at home

I visited my dear old friend and aloha sister, Nikki, in Vermont. We all had colds and spent a lot of time cooking comfort food and watching cartoons. (How have I not seen "The Last Unicorn?" It seems like a staple lesson for kiddos, and adults, too.) This was perfect for me because Nikki is just a comforting and nurturing soul. She was a subject in a lot of my fine art work on Maui. My muse. Our lives have changed dramatically since those island years... I can't believe how big Zara has grown! I took my camera out and snapped a few of them all cute and casual on the couch. After a couple days, the sun came out and we recharged with some vitamin D. 

For one of my favorite ladies... I hope these make you smile! Love you.

Meditation for the Overwhelmed

This is for my brides going crazy right now with overwhelm! I can just feel the stress and exhaustion coming through all of your emails. There's a lot going on. Your To-Do list is ridiculous. I get it. I always tell you all to just breathe, so this made me think of you.

It also works for moms, because moms are always ridiculously busy.

It works for me right now too! I have a ton of projects happening, and my wedding season starting! Whoop whoop!

This is funny. Warning, there is ADULT LANGUAGE. Use your headphones if need be. If you are offended by adult language, you may want to skip this one.

Enjoy!  Click the link:


Posh Petals, Grand Rapids

I had the pleasure of hanging out and chatting about weddings with Elyse and Kayla, from Posh Petals, the other day. What a fun place that is to work! They even have bunnies! 

As an entrepreneur, I am always looking to promote other women entrepreneurs and utilize their skill and talent in my business as well as personal life. "Grow the Good"! Elizabeth Schenk, the owner, started this floral business in her basement and has taken this company to a well-known household name in this area, with a team of fun employees. That is amazing. Their adorable shop is located at 806 Bridge St NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49504.

So, today I am giving a shout out to Posh Petals, in Grand Rapids, for your floral needs, but also your PLANNING needs. Yep, Elyse is one of the event planners and she is wonderful. They also just hired on another planner as well. You can choose from a variety of options, including a "day of" option, where they will help coordinate and be there with you on the big day. 

Also, Posh Petals does amazing things for corporate events as well. Did you know that they will keep track of your employees' work anniversaries and send flowers annually for you? Yeah. Amazing, right?! 

When asked the deeper meaning behind their work, Elyse and Kayla were smiling to respond, "It's the joy that it brings people. You see their mood lift instantly. They even get emotional. We make a direct impact in a small way." 

Yes, they do. Here are some samples of weddings that I have worked with Posh Petals. If you would like to see the full weddings, please check out these links: