Lisa Shaw is the founder of The Bigger Picture Photography, specializing in lifestyle and documentary images for over 10 years. She has a Bachelor of Fine Art, with a concentration in photography, and has earned several awards for her work. She was an on-call consultant for magazine design and layout in Maui, a photojournalist and journalist for Maui Weekly, and a photo editor for Clear Magazine in Royal Oak. She’s been featured in GR Boss Babes’ “Be the Change”, Grand Rapids Opportunities for Women (GROW), and her photography and articles have been featured in many major publications. Her fine art photography and drawings have been shown in national exhibitions, including the Ann Arbor Art Center’s juried show, where her photos were selected from over 450 professional photographers. Lisa speaks on “How to Grow Your Business with Documentary-style Photography”. Former clients include HopCat, Stellas, SteelCase, Chrysler Corporation, and Irish on Ionia, as well as many personal brand influencers.  

Photo Courtesy of Caedy Convis Photography

Photo Courtesy of Caedy Convis Photography

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So, you want to have photojournalistic/documentary/candid images, but also want them to be unique and artistic?  I got you. You probably hate getting your pictures taken. Yeah, I get that too. I believe my background in photojournalism and fine art will bring something different to your experience and also your photographs. I take the art of photography to the next level by capturing true in-the-moment emotions, documenting the artistic beauty around you, and providing a lasting view for the small moments that are so significant. 

It is important to me that you enjoy your big day, without feeling that photography took it over. I promise, you will enjoy it. That is another plus to choosing a photographer with a documentary style. 

With wedding planning, your to-do list probably seems daunting and overwhelming. Photography is a huge part of the planning process. I will take STRESS AWAY FROM YOU. From the initial consult, I'll give some tips. Most clients say "I never thought of that!"...  I will help you with your timeline and make this process easier for YOU. My newsletter subscribers get tips on overwhelm frequently. It's a good idea to sign up...

The photographer is with you all day. Make sure your personalities jive and that it will be a fun experience! It is my job to make you feel at ease. I have even held up the gown while one of my brides peed. Yep. You will feel that comfortable with me. I definitely bond with my clients. Ha!

How did I get into wedding photography? Over a decade ago, friends asked me to photograph their wedding. I said that I wasn't a wedding photographer. At the time, I was working as a photojournalist and an artist. They asked me to shoot their wedding like I would cover one of my stories. They were interested in a documentary style, but loved the fine art aspect and my compositions. Around that time, I was the Maid of Honor for my sister, helping with her to-do list, and other friends were getting married. So, so many horror stories! I remember repeatedly responding, "You're kidding me?! This is what's out there?" I knew that I could rock this industry, improve, and revolutionize it, but also make life easier for brides and grooms in the process. So, I did it and I fell in love with it! The stories, emotion, family, just… love. It is a beautiful thing. The only WHY in our lives. I am very grateful that I get to document it.

I am based in Michigan, working in the greater Grand Rapids area and the Detroit area.  I am also willing to travel for destination weddings. Weddings in Maui, HI are discounted!

I also love capturing more adventures as the couple moves into having a family of their own. It is the best feeling-- to follow my "clients" throughout the years! My "Day in the Life" sessions are essential to documenting the REAL beauty of family. I like to call it "the beauty in the chaos". These are the things you will miss. "Kids grow like weeds." It is an investment for the kiddos as well as for you. If you'd like to read why this style is spreading like wildfire, please check this out:

Please reach out and let’s chat about your photography needs. I’d love to hear from you.