Grand Rapids Wedding--- Andy and Jen Schubert

Grand Rapids, MI   -- EVE at the BOB

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Schubert!! These two are such a beautiful couple-- inside and out. They met at work years ago and have been together ever since.

Jen opened the door for me in the midst of getting ready, with the girls all a flutter, and she was just so gorgeous and warm. When I went to check on the fellas, Andy was asking me how she was doing and I felt the love he had for her. We did the door shot and I knew they just wanted to see each other so badly! It was really cute. It was nice to catch his reaction when she was walking down the aisle, though. I think everyone choked up a little at that point.

We had a sunny day on August 3rd, and took a little walk around Grand Rapids before heading back to the reception. Then the celebrating really started! The smores bar was a big hit. This wedding had the best dancing guests, I believe! It was so much fun. They only left the dance floor for "Pudgy Bunny". The Schuberts always held this competition when they went camping. You shove your face with marshmallows, saying "Pudgy Bunny" each time you do. It was funny to see 7 foot tall Andy with huge cheeks, saying "Pudgy Bunny" in his deep voice.  It was new to me, but I will be doing this when I go camping from now on!

I sincerely wish that Jen and Andy lived in Michigan. I want to keep photographing them!! Great people and a great day. I wish you two the best!

Enjoy the samples---