Mommy Daughter Session

Montpelier, Vermont
Casual Session at home

I visited my dear old friend and aloha sister, Nikki, in Vermont. We all had colds and spent a lot of time cooking comfort food and watching cartoons. (How have I not seen "The Last Unicorn?" It seems like a staple lesson for kiddos, and adults, too.) This was perfect for me because Nikki is just a comforting and nurturing soul. She was a subject in a lot of my fine art work on Maui. My muse. Our lives have changed dramatically since those island years... I can't believe how big Zara has grown! I took my camera out and snapped a few of them all cute and casual on the couch. After a couple days, the sun came out and we recharged with some vitamin D. 

For one of my favorite ladies... I hope these make you smile! Love you.