Eastern Market, Detroit-ANDY AND JULIANNE

Grosse Pointe Academy
Eastern Market, Detroit   Shed 5

Congratulations to my old friend, Andy, and his beautiful bride, Julianne!! I am so happy for these two! What a great celebration of their story. 

Andy and Julianne met online, and coffee led to more coffee, more food, and more adventures. Andy proposed in a very "organic" way, while they were walking by the water and talking about how grateful they were for each other. Little did Julianne know that Andy had the ring in his pocket the whole day. Awww, right?! 

So, again, rain on the wedding day is a sign of good luck for the marriage. We had rain. We had bouts of monsoons, but enough time to enjoy the scenery of Grosse Pointe, and Eastern Market.

It was such a unique venue, with amazing ambiance! The colors, the lighting, just being in Shed 5... People were lively and excited about the food trucks, the pierogis, the doughnuts... The wooden barrel where the guests signed their wishes was also a different take on the guest book. So creative. 

My favorite part of the day? The homily. The priest had relayed the fact that good things come to those who wait. And to always be grateful for what you have.

Thank you so much for choosing me to document your story! I am truly honored.

Enjoy the preview!