Here are some unusual situations that I found it may be helpful to pass along.


1. Confirm with your venue that there will be AIR CONDITIONING or HEAT, whatever will be necessary, in the entire venue.

    So, at the first wedding I photographed this year, I knew I had to write a newsletter on this. We were in Detroit, at the Atheneum Suite Hotel and the Masonic Temple. Both places-- no air. This was that day where it was humid, like pass-out humid, where it felt like it was 120 degrees. Props to the bride. She just threw her hair up-- that she just spent hours and $$$ getting done-- and went on with the day. Her dress was extremely heavy. She was a trooper, but had had it with the heat. It was rough. One room, outside of the reception, was cooler. So the bride had us do all the photos in there at one point. We didn't walk around, nor did we get the locations she was desiring when we had our consult. It was all gorgeous, and it worked out, but this is a necessary question to ask your venue before you put down that deposit.



This one comes from Wedding Coordinator, Darcie Johnson, from Happily Ever After Events (www.heaevents.com). This is hilarious, but I guess necessary to mention. Ladies, when wearing short dresses, be sure to wear underwear. Twirling on the dance floor... you may be mooning your whole circle of family and friends. Yikes. "No one wants to see that, sit next to that, or be ANY part of that. Cover your business." Darcie's post on Facebook had some pretty witty comments. It was funny to me.

3.  Fake Tans

      Most of the time it comes out orange. Or you just look like the dirty kid. It looks different in photos. Your head might not match the rest of your body. I know boudoir photographers that automatically add on "skin color fee" to their sessions if the person comes in with a fake tan. It takes longer to retouch and edit. It's a pain. Also, it rubs off on everything. Think twice about this one.

grand rapids wedding photographer

4.  No Wire Hangers!! "Mommy Dearest"

      If you haven't seen that movie, you should know the truth about Joan Crawford. It's a classic. Anyway, if you want the pretty shot of your dress, don't forget this one. Plus, again, most dresses are really, really heavy. You don't want it falling and wrinkling, or a pain to carry around.

5. Post Wedding Depression

     This also came from Darcie Johnson. It's real. It happens about two to three days after your wedding. Be prepared for it. Grooms, partners, should be prepared for you to have it. It is a huge event. You put a lot of work into it. There is a sense of let down when it's over. Mourn the loss and look forward to your next steps as a Mrs.  ;)

Hope these helped, and made you laugh.
Have a great week everyone!!