Apple Mountain Resort -- Erin and Bryan

Erin and Bryan Weiss

Apple Mountain Resort,  Freeland MI

Erin and Bryan met through his cousin, Allison, over pitchers of Blatz one Tuesday night. After laughing all night, Erin had to ask for Bryan's number. Their love sustained a long distance relationship while Erin was in Grand Rapids for pharmacy school. As they put it, "Distance is not for the fearful, it's for the bold. It's for those knowing a good thing when they see it, even if they don't see it nearly enough." After graduation, they started thinking about happily ever after.

These two are so funny and super, super cool people. Naturals in front of the camera, they kept me laughing through the lens. Just in case you missed their awesome engagement session, you may view it here:

The wedding was gorgeous. Apple Mountain Resort has sprawling green hills and an intimate little chapel that was perfect for these two. My favorite part of the day was "the shoe game". This was new to me. Erin and Bryan sat back to back and they had one of Bryan's shoes and one of Erin's in each hand. The DJ (Scott Arnett from Rusch Entertainment) would ask a question and each raised either Erin or Bryan's shoe to answer the question. Laughter erupted throughout the venue.

Whenever I think about this couple, I just see smiles. They are all smiles!!I am honored that I had the chance to document their big day. Special thanks to the people who made this day so wonderful and go so smoothly are listed below.

Please enjoy the preview:

The amazing, talented, beautiful-inside and out- second photographer= Katie Mollon. Thank you so much for all you do. I can't possibly say enough.

I love this wedding planner!!! You will too! She will take care of things you can't even remember to worry about. LOVE. HER. = Darcie Johnson. Happily Ever After Events.

Event Coordinator for Apple Mountain Resort. Believe me, you want this lady in charge of your day!! Amazing. = Abbe Adair.

DJ with the skills= Scott Arnett, Rusch Entertainment.

The best officiant I have come across yet. Period. I wish I could work with her every wedding. Ask me about "unplugged" weddings!! Wonderful!!= Gail Crachiola.

These ladies were so super sweet to chat with me when I was UUBER early!! They also did a fantastic job. Check out their linens.= Special Occasions (ask for Melanie!)

Thank you wedding friends!!