Zingerman's Cornman Farms Wedding

Congratulations Brian and Yu-ju!! What a sweet couple, with such a sweet intimate celebration at Zingerman’s Cornman Farms in Dexter, MI. These two met online and had their first date at 9am-crazy! They got coffee and walked around Ann Arbor, went to the University of Michigan Art Museum, got brunch, and chatted around campus for hours.

The proposal happened at home, in the living room, nice and simple. Brian was so nervous that he accidentally got down on both knees, practically begging Yu-ju, which made it pretty funny. They both love to travel, go to concerts, goofing around, cooking together, eating delicious food, playing boardgames with friends, and taking their dog, Meigo, on walks.

There were so many favorite parts of their wedding day! Cornman Farms is amazing and warm and cozy. The staff really does a terrific job to make it feel homey and welcoming (https://www.zingermanscornmanfarms.com/). They had goats at cocktail hour while guests listened to the wonderful DJ, Dave Menzo (https://davemenzo.com/), sing! Also, I loved the toasts at dinner!! They were hilarious! They had an interpreter, who was pretty funny with his interpretations and at one point asked if he should cry too when it was his turn to relay the message. Brian’s twin and best man, David, portrayed “twin talk” with Brian, which was all body movements and no words. Everyone did such a great job and you could feel the elation from the crowd. I love those images of people laughing during the toasts. Such a vision of human emotion, and our connection to each other. There were so many sentimental touches, like Yu-Ju’s bouquet, made for her from her friend halfway around the world, and the dumplings from Taiwan as the first course. Another sweet treat was the favors, which were Brian’s ceramic bowls he made himself! They also had pineapple cakes inside, but the bowls… I mean, that’s awesome.

A special thank you to KeriAnn Nicholson-Brent, wedding planner at www.withloveeventsllc.com. It was lovely working with you.

Brian and Yu-Ju, thank you so much for choosing me to capture all of this loveliness!!
Please enjoy the preview: