Intimate Downtown Wedding-Laura and Chris

Grand Rapids, MI San Chez Weddings

Congratulations Chris and Laura!! What a laid back, cool couple. Just so cool. These two met about two years ago at an ultimate Frisbee match. Match? Game? I don't know. They had to explain it to me. Anyway, afterwards, Chris asked Laura for a date and have been together since. A little while ago, they caught a show downtown. It was cold and snowing. Walking through the streets at night, Chris pulled out a small black box... It was very romantic, just the two of them, and she said yes. Laura had to ask to see the ring again later, as she remembered her glasses were all fogged up and she could hardly see anything that night, due to the excitement as well as the cold.

The wedding day was such an bright, intimate affair. It was the first wedding that Sanchez has hosted in their newly redecorated venue space for events. Friends and family sipped cocktails and chatted about for hours. It resembled the couple's personalities, as it was cozy, laid back, cool, and fun.

Thank you so much for choosing me to capture your story. You two are so warm, caring, and just plain lovely! Enjoy the preview...