Riverside Park Doggy Session

Grand Rapids, MI

Here's to my wonderful friend, Carleen, and her kiddo, Mojo. We are praying for Mojo's health and wanted to document their close relationship another year. In case you missed their last session, you can catch it here:

Mojo loves Riverside Park, as we all do in GR, so we went for some chill time at sunset. 

I love that the book Carlee is reading is "How to Speak Dog", as Mojo is quite the diva. It's just funny to me. She has her own personality for sure and will let you know how she feels. She is playful and sweet, but do not tick her off. Silent treatment with a nose in the air. I will always and forever think of Mojo when there are fireworks, from all the scaredy-cat stories. It's ok, Mojo. I just want to hug her all week of the 4th of July. 

I know that they've been there for each other through a lot over the years. Best friends such as these should be on camera. 

Thank you for letting me capture the love you have for each other! Enjoy the preview: