I had to upload some images from Maui quickly. These aren’t even formatted correctly. I will come back to this…

Portland, OR

So, I'm posting my pics of my vacation... I thought it would be nice to share something personal, instead of work work work all the time.  It was great to see my hanai family! I needed my girls. I was also in desperate need of a real vacation before wedding season started!

I've been going through a time of transformation recently, and as I was reading "Wild" from Cheryl Strayed, I thought what could be more perfect than Oregon at a time like this?  I even met a chickie that actually hiked the PCT by herself. I am still in awe of that lady. Little bit of a girl crush. She knows. 

We crossed the Bridge of the Gods (from "Wild"), went hiking, stood in awe in front of waterfalls, chilled at some vineyards, played at Canon Beach where The Goonies was filmed, ate oysters in front of the ocean, and had some significant spiritual time at The Grotto...

I am lucky that my old friend, Jen Kane, is the best energy healer out there in the world. I have to give her a shout out--  -- "Shift Into Joy represents a full body, mind, and spiritual shift."  Try it. You will not be disappointed. It is truly amazing. 

I am very blessed to have the people in my circle that I do. I am so grateful. Thank you for the aloha...

Rainy Day/ArtPrize in Grand Rapids

A day off in GR-- I love shooting on rainy days. It just so happened that I had time to stroll GR during ArtPrize. Yes, I love this city. There are way too many pieces in ArtPrize to mention that were so inspirational, intelligent, and insightful. I was rooting for the installation by Maximo Gonzalez, "Tengo Hambre".  There were so many more sides to that piece that were not stated, nor shared. I loved that piece.

Anyway, here's some fun I had in the rain: