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Lucy turns 1 !!

Grand Rapids, MI
Family Documentary

Happy Birthday, Lucy!! Man, this is one of my favorite families-- to photograph, yes, but just in general. So vivacious, funny, modern, fun, loving, and charismatic. I have been documenting this family for four years now!! How amazing is it that I get to be included in all their big adventures? I am so very flattered. This year is Lucy's first birthday!! She is walking, smiling, has reddish hair, and is just oh-so-squeezable! Stella and Charlotte, as gorgeous and lively as always, are still inseparable. They are really into wrestling now. Huh. Who would've thunk it? Pretty cool. Dave and Maggie are just as funny and beautiful as they always have been. Wonderful family. They even fed me.

In case you missed those last few sessions.... http://lookatthebiggerpicture.com/family-session-introducing-lucy-zick/http://lookatthebiggerpicture.com/maggie-and-stella-zick/ http://lookatthebiggerpicture.com/dave-and-maggie-zick/ http://lookatthebiggerpicture.com/zick-family-shoot-downtown-grand-rapids-mi/

This session was a thank you to Maggie for referring another lovely bride to me... Did you see Maryann and Joe's story? http://lookatthebiggerpicture.com/engagement-session-maryann-and-joe/ http://lookatthebiggerpicture.com/maryann-and-joe-wedding/

Thank you so much for continuing to choose me to tell your stories... It means so much. Here's the preview for Lucy's b'day bash!!