Rustic Barn Wedding-Sara and Holly

Conklin, MI

Congratulations to these lovely ladies!! I am so honored that I had the opportunity to capture this day for Sara and Holly. These beautiful ladies met in their residency program, were together for two years before the proposal, and ended up living in Alaska! They BOTH proposed. Holly chose Christmas day, a picnic and a walk in the woods. Sara chose a weekend away, at a B&B in Seattle. She "stumbled through her words", full of emotion. I love that they both had to propose.

I believe our initial consult was over the phone while they were camping. I knew I liked them right then and there. They are unsure where they will land after the bit in Alaska (maybe Hawaii?!!), but I am sure their adventures will be amazing and keep going strong.

The wedding day began in fun (and sun!! This was the hottest day of the year! Wowza) as the group was getting ready at the gorgeous farmhouse. Lots of jokes, funny faces, and silly times. 

My favorite part of the day was actually the exchanging of the vows. If I could get a copy of those words... So honest. So true to love. I don't usually get to pay attention, as I am shooting, but I just had to stop and listen. They each talked of humility, insecurities we all carry when joining hearts, comforting and nourishing those insecurities in each other, and the honesty of love. They talked about staying true to yourself, holding onto your inner strength and self-love when finding a partner to share your world. It was absolutely brilliant and heartfelt, and I am not doing their words justice. These intelligent and insightful women could easily have been writers. 

I am so happy for you both! Thank you for choosing me to tell your story. Here is a preview of the day...

Ann Arbor Wedding- Tom and Michael

St. Andrews, Ann Arbor MIVinology, Ann Arbor MI

Congratulations to Tom and Michael! What a laid-back and happy couple. Tom and Michael met online and then at church, and have been together since that first meeting five years ago. Their lifelong goal is "to own a lakeside bed and breakfast where Tom will do all of the cooking and baking and Michael will manage the front of house, and yes, we both do realize just how gay that really sounds." By the way, Michael made all the individual cakes at the wedding. I had crème brule cake and it was spectacular.

The proposal--Thomas decided that he would like to celebrate St. Nicholas Day with Michael. "Two stockings and one glitter pen later, ... Michael found a special small box at the bottom of his stocking." Tom got on one knee and proposed to Michael.

I am so honored to capture the big day! Thank you fellas so much. I wish you the best and a very Happy St. Nicholas Day this year!

Here is a preview of the day: