Townsend Park
Rockford, MI

Congratulations to Denise and Kathy!!! These two lovely ladies have been together over 14 years!! They met through a mutual friend and a mutual interest (soccer). This wonderful friend kept on trying to set them up and would not give up. Persistence. Good thing, too!

After waiting for so long for gay marriage to pass, Denise popped the question while on a trip together at Strawberry Fields. She remembers that she had the ring in her pocket all day and kept getting interrupted. Kathy was drinking champagne and couldn't be happier.

The wedding day was a beautiful fall day, and Townsend Park gave us a great backdrop of streams, rivers, and leaves just now changing colors. It was intimate, low-key, and was a fun family celebration. The reception was warmed by the fire and smelled like a log cabin. My favorite part was the break in the day for a euchre tournament!! How fun is that?! I got whooped by the Henning family. They are some intense but fun euchre players. 

I am so happy for Denise and Kathy. Both ladies are hilarious, energetic, positive, and beautiful- inside and out. Thank you so much for choosing me to document your story. Enjoy the preview: 

Rustic Barn Wedding-Sara and Holly

Conklin, MI

Congratulations to these lovely ladies!! I am so honored that I had the opportunity to capture this day for Sara and Holly. These beautiful ladies met in their residency program, were together for two years before the proposal, and ended up living in Alaska! They BOTH proposed. Holly chose Christmas day, a picnic and a walk in the woods. Sara chose a weekend away, at a B&B in Seattle. She "stumbled through her words", full of emotion. I love that they both had to propose.

I believe our initial consult was over the phone while they were camping. I knew I liked them right then and there. They are unsure where they will land after the bit in Alaska (maybe Hawaii?!!), but I am sure their adventures will be amazing and keep going strong.

The wedding day began in fun (and sun!! This was the hottest day of the year! Wowza) as the group was getting ready at the gorgeous farmhouse. Lots of jokes, funny faces, and silly times. 

My favorite part of the day was actually the exchanging of the vows. If I could get a copy of those words... So honest. So true to love. I don't usually get to pay attention, as I am shooting, but I just had to stop and listen. They each talked of humility, insecurities we all carry when joining hearts, comforting and nourishing those insecurities in each other, and the honesty of love. They talked about staying true to yourself, holding onto your inner strength and self-love when finding a partner to share your world. It was absolutely brilliant and heartfelt, and I am not doing their words justice. These intelligent and insightful women could easily have been writers. 

I am so happy for you both! Thank you for choosing me to tell your story. Here is a preview of the day...

Wine lovers engagement-Leah and Maggie

Cork  - Pleasant Ridge, MI Love, wine, and champagne!!! We celebrated Leah and Maggie's upcoming commitment ceremony at Cork, a little wine pub close to Ferndale. Leah and Maggie were so natural and fun as they laughed and talked about plans for the big day.  This couple is beautiful, down-to-earth, and so bubbly!! Maybe I just used that word because of the "bubbly"...

Did I mention Cork, in Pleasant Ridge? It's a good time. The staff was so accommodating! They completely let us take over and gave us privacy for this session.

I am sooooo excited for September 6th!! Petoskey, here we come!! The ceremony and reception will be gorgeous-- the bluff overlooking the water, and fall in Michigan! Stay tuned!

Here are some samples from our session. Please click on the first image to enlarge, then scroll through as you wish!